Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Teaser Tuesday: Another Argument

I think most of my posts lately have had some sort of apology in them, and so even though I haven't posted a thing in over a month (have I mentioned that this semester was really kicking my butt?) I won't ramble on too long about it. I'll just say that the Semester of Hell is OVER and that next semester I will be in LONDON (I'll be getting on a plane two weeks from yesterday oh goodness eeeeeek) and so I promise there will be lots of posts from me!

I have another teaser for you! I'm planning to do a lot of reading before I leave, let my brain recharge, but I think I can share another piece of Maire's story. In this part, she's just come home from the docks to find that her father is trying to plant potatoes again. Enjoy!