Friday, March 2, 2012

Venetian Holiday

Not quite Roman Holiday, I know, especially since it also involves Prague and a brief stay in Milan. I did get my hair cut today, though!

So yes. Tomorrow at four-thirty I will be getting on a plane to Prague with my two lovely flatmates Tory and Lisa, and I will be returning to London from Venice a week from tomorrow. I AM SO EXCITED. I mean, even though I'll be visiting a country where I do not speak the language at all and a country where I sort of speak the language, which is a little terrifying, I am really really excited to go see new places and explore some new cities and I GET TO EAT GELATO, GUYS. It's going to be fantastic!!

I will not, however, be bringing my computer with me, so next week I won't be posting new things on the blog. I promise I will have lots of adventure stories for you when I get back!!

Enjoy your week, citizens of the blogosphere. Arrivederci!

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