Thursday, July 26, 2012


If you know me in real life, then you will know that I have basically zero interest in sports. Watching sports on tv bores me, and the only team I follow is fictional. I am absolutely terrible at playing sports. I don't like running and I can't catch anything (future Quidditch teammates: you have been warned).

But I LOVE the Olympics.

I'm not really sure why I love the Olympics so much when all other sports bore me half to tears. Maybe I just am more interested in the unusual stuff that you see at the Olympics, like gymnastics and archery and equestrian eventing and curling. Maybe I just love the spectacle of it all. I think a big part of it is that I'm a sap and it makes me really, really happy to see, every two years, the entire world coming together and having some friendly competition, rather than shooting at each other all the time.

The Opening Ceremonies have always been my favorite part (I love a good spectacle show. See: favorite musical Phantom of the Opera and chandeliers) and I cannot wait to see what this year's ceremonies have in store. But tomorrow is exciting for me in a couple of different ways as well.

For one thing, my mom and my sister will be triumphantly returning from a week of dance competitioning in Maine. So that will be quite nice. :)

For another, one of my best friends from school - and my flatmate from London - is coming to visit me for the weekend so that we can watch the Opening Ceremonies together and hang out and see War Horse at Lincoln Center. I am so excited that I have not slept properly in two days. I miss Lisa so much and I cannot wait to see her. *bounces in chair*

I'm also excited for the Olympics to start because of London. I have been missing London very badly over the last month and a half or so (especially when we were having a heat wave in Manhattan and London was hanging out in 60-70 degree rainy weather). I am so, so excited to see the city I called home on tv. I have to watch some of the indoor volleyball because I lived in Earl's Court, literally around the corner from the volleyball arena (which also hosted the London Book Fair). I'm going to be pointing at the tv for two weeks shouting "I was there! I know that place!"

And, to the people who will be watching the Opening Ceremonies with me (ie my parents, my sister, and Lisa): I may very well start to cry watching that. It might happen. You have been warned.

I know I'm a writer and am therefore supposed to know how to perfectly describe everything, but there really are no words to explain just how much I have been looking forward to the Olympics, and to the next three days especially. I love London. If I could pack up my friends and family and bring them with me, I'd move back without a second thought. For the next two weeks I plan to wear my status as an Honorary British Person, given to me by Actual British Person Eleanor, quite proudly. And after an unusually lonely summer, I cannot wait to have Lisa visiting for THREE WHOLE DAYS. It is going to be so much fun. Seriously, is it tomorrow yet?

So, let's do this, London 2012. I can't wait to see you again.


  1. I'm so jealous right now. I hope I get to see London someday.

    I'm so excited for the Olympics! Even though the only sports I'll watch are the equestrian ones. The only way I would watch the opening ceremony is if they had David Tennant run the torch into the stadium. That would be the most epic thing EVER.

    1. That didn't happen, sadly, but I do love the torch this year. ALL the positive symbolism. ^_^

  2. Umm. This is me. I barely ever pay attention to sports, but I get so excited and emotional about the Olympics. It's slightly ridiculous. Often, when watching the games, I'll just start laughing with pure delight until I cry. It's great. And I also love the fact that it's in London (the opening ceremonies were delightfully weird in such an unabashedly British way :D).

    Anyhoo, enjoy the Games. :-) Hope you're having a blast with your friend!