Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Social Introvert

I missed people over winter break.

I mean, yes, while I was home I had my parents and my sister and my cat and the two high school friends who still talk to me and they're all lovely and nice and I like them a lot and stuff. It's always nice being home and getting to see them, and also getting a chance to have a room to myself sometimes and not have to bother anyone else when I fall asleep listening to music or Vlogbrothers videos.

But at the same time, I get really lonely for PEOPLE when I'm at home. There's almost always at least one other person in my apartment at any given time at school, and we will often do our homework quietly together in the living room, where the internet works best. There's something comforting about that feeling of never being alone - it's sort of warm and safe, and I like it more than I thought I would.

And while I'm not in any way trying to disparage my friends at home, and I do genuinely enjoy catching up and hanging out and watching movies with my friends and family over breaks, there is a zany quality to gatherings that happen in my apartment that I don't quite get anywhere else. We had five people over the other night playing the Post-It game (for those who are not familiar - a person's name gets written on a Post-It and stuck to a player's forehead, and that player has to guess who they are using yes or no questions) and Bananagrams for HOURS and there were lots of laughs and ridiculousness had by all.

I missed that so much. Which is weird, considering that I am kind of insanely shy. I didn't used to like large, loud gatherings of any sort, and now, even though I'm certainly not the most talkative one in the room, I love them. They're fun and silly and my friends are really nice people and it's great. It's nice to force myself out of my shell a bit too, and force myself to relax, which is not something that I am good at. I'm so glad that my school friends are so supportive and wonderful and that they KNOW me, weirdnesses and all, and they still think I'm pretty cool and like hanging out with me. I know that I CAN relax around them, which is a really great feeling.

I have decided that my priorities this semester (you know, other than not starving and getting good grades) are Do An Awesome Job on Senior Project and Hang Out With All the People Because Graduation. Friends, writing, and good grades.

Also not freezing, because Ithaca is in fact the frozen north (I had forgotten the extent of this and now I am huddling under all the blankets).

See you next Tuesday, blogosphere! :)

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  1. I feel like we're the same! lol

    I love people but at the same time I like to be by myself, but then I miss people far too quickly. It's a never ending circle :P

    I'm also an English major (close to a Writing major I guess haha) and my school is actually not too far away from yours (like 2 hours or so)

    Good luck on your work!!


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