Tuesday, June 11, 2013

ONE releases TODAY!!!

Hello, fair blog readers!

I have some questions for you.

Do you like YA novels?

Do you like superheroes?

Do you like amazingly self-sufficient female protagonists?

Then I have good news! Leigh Ann Kopans' debut novel ONE releases TODAY!!!

With a cover that gorgeous, don't you just want to run and buy a copy? Of course you do!

ONE is the story of Merrin Grey, a girl with only one superpower in a world where you need two to actually accomplish anything - flame powers and the ability to heal your own skin, for instance, or the ability to float and then the ability to propel yourself forward. She thinks that if she can just land that internship at the Hub, the science research center where her parents work, she might just be able to "fix" her one-ness and solve all her problems. But then, of course, nothing is quite as it seems and no problem so big is so easily solve-able.

ONE is a little bit like X-Men meets The Incredibles with a super-sweet and incredibly well-portrayed love story to boot.

Trust me. You want to read this book.

You can find ONE here, here, and here. You should really check it out. Leigh Ann is a wonderful human being and a wonderful writer, and I think you'll really enjoy the story she's got to tell.

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