Friday, March 12, 2010

I'm back!

Hey, all! Exams are OVER, I am FREE, and I am going home TOMORROW. I am terribly excited.

Now, since I haven't posted anything in at least a week and a half, I give you Caitlin's Random Exam Tidbits.

1. Black tea + soymilk = interesting. Chai tea + soymilk > black tea + soymilk. Black tea + small amount of soymilk = quite tolerable, actually.

2. When I'm tired and feeling a bit incoherent and don't feel like thinking in full sentences, I tend to put things into mathematical equation format. Which makes NO sense, thinking of how much I absolutely despise math with every fiber of my being.

3. Midterms week is not a good time to keep track of your diet and attempt to figure out whether or not you're getting enough nutrients.

4. Dining hall workers are actually terribly nice, and quite helpful. Did you know that we get peppers from Israel?

5. In order to do my biology project, I had to attempt to track where my food came from (hence the Israeli peppers comment). My findings: the Nature Valley and Kashi websites were dreadfully unhelpful, but the Yorkshire and Tazo websites were so helpful it's insane. This, I think, says something about the nature of tea.

6. I already knew this, but it never ceases to astound me that I can get the most utterly random songs stuck in my head and they just refuse to leave. This week's repeated playlist mostly involved the BBC Pride and Prejudice soundtrack and, randomly, As Long As You're Mine from Wicked. Noooo idea where that one came from.

7. Whenever you say "as soon as exams are over, I'm going to sit outside in this glorious sunshine and just read a book," you are condemning the day that exams are over to be overcast, windy, and threatening rain.

8. Watching two feet of snow disappear during a week of 40-50 degree weather is quite fun. Walking in it? Not so much.

9. The Early Christian period in art history was from the 3rd to the 5th centuries AD. The Romanesque period was not until the 11th-12th centuries. So... what happened in between?

10. Best way to win Italian Pictionary - drawing bunny slippers.


  1. ahaha niceeee. lists are good. very funny. love the bit about the tea tho. im a caffeine junkie.

    great blog and congrats on the exams being over!!

  2. Tea is fabulous. You have a place in my heart because of this (and your general fabulosity). Also, I'm fully convinced that Kashi is a conspiracy.