Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Teaser Tuesday: Intro Fiona!

I do hope this is not utterly awful; I just cobbled it together not five minutes ago. I haven't been able to write for a week now (yay, projects...) and although my dad's suggestion to write a letter to myself explaining why I had no letter for today was quite entertainingly hilarious, I wanted to actually WRITE something before homework consumed me again and my brain exploded.

So, here you go. The first letter written by Emily's best friend, Fiona:




  1. ooooh, I'm not sure I knew this had any paranormal elements before--cool! Love the old-fashioned feeling of the letter!

  2. Ouu, and so the plot thickens! Love the voice, as usual, and I couldn't help but notice the speech patterns seemed to seep into your intro. :) *finds old English-like speech patterns infectious*

  3. This is NOT awful missy! I love it! I want to know more about the pendant and the story. I love the fact that it reads old-fashioned. :D

  4. I love the language in this. I read it like a letter in a Jane Austen novel, lol, but it was great.

  5. Hound: Yep. It starts out in a college of magic. Thanks!

    Becca: You mean you didn't know I talk just like this all the time? ;P

    M.J.: Thanks! I'm so glad it's not awful.

    Sage: Really? Oh, cool! I love Jane Austen!

  6. I love, love, LOVE the prose! Definitely can tell it's from a different era, and you pull it off masterfully. :D <3

  7. I love how your snips start out with the date, it always puts me in the right mind frame. It's very unique, and the writing is on point.