Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Teaser Tuesday: "By the way..."

"... Thank you. For saving my life."
"... You're welcome."

Yes, I watch Disney's Beauty and the Beast too often. Sorry. But that's what this scene is, in Rose and Avar's version of this story.

Also, it's only about a page and a half away from the last teaser. I've been trying to tease from different chapters all the time, but the writing has been slow of late. I hope to change that this weekend (huzzah Labor Day!).

In any case, enjoy!

Rose is being stared and whispered at by a circle of werewolves and she feels trapped (something she really doesn't like).




  1. Love.... the teaser is just well.... amazing

    and i do love beauty and the beast, number 2 on favourite disney list :D

  2. Very nice. This is the first tease I've read of yours, so I don't know where the story has come from, but I can still sense the importance of the line, "You spoke up for me." Good tease. Makes me want to know what happened before and what Rose's thoughts are afterwards.

  3. Love it. Pieces like this get me easily, ya know.

  4. I'd feel trapped too by a circle of werewolves. :) This does have a beauty and the beast feel to it. Love the tension and the exchange between the two. Well done!

  5. Ooo, tension... I like it :D their interaction seems so realistic too, almost hesitant in places, but full of hidden emotion :)

  6. Man, I just love the dynamic between them. I've missed this story. Really, really great :D