Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Teaser Tuesday: Metaphors are Cool

As are bowties. And fezzes.

I meant to put this up this morning, but I have been having a profoundly bad day, so that didn't happen.

Again, this is short, because it is STILL from the same chapter as last time. I think I might have finally gotten somewhere with all my myriad outlining attempts. I hope. Argh. Maybe some actual writing will happen soon. That'd be nice.

Anyway, I am quite fond of the metaphors in this, so I hope you like it too. :)




  1. "wrapped up in her..." Wow. And the rocky metaphor was good too. Great teaser! Loved it (I've been saying that a lot today).

  2. I'm so into this story now. I love her honesty at the end!

  3. Arggg...too short! :-)

    Great job. I LOVE this para...it says so much.

    Rose glanced up at him, surprised again at the sincerity in his voice, the concern in his black eyes. She wished she could read him, wished she could follow his leaps from teasing to offended to earnest, but he skipped along those rocky feelings faster than she could follow. She dropped her eyes to her hands again; her pale, twisting fingers were easier to look at than his face.

    Beautiful writing and imagery there. Very well done, Caitlin. Look foward to more of your work.

  4. Ah! I know I had commented on this but I guess I didn't properly submit it! Good thing I double checked. The metaphors were great in this. Gosh, I can never get enough of your historical style. Really loving it! :D

  5. CJ: Thanks!

    Bri: Thank you, I'm glad you like it!

    Melanie: Yeah, I love that paragraph too!

    Karla: Boo, Bloggerfail... thanks for double-checking!