Friday, November 5, 2010

Not Dead Yet

Wow, it's November already? Sheesh, how time flies when you're buried under six mountains of homework and are running straight from one rehearsal to the next.

What has happened during my impromptu blog hiatus?

Broadway Revue goes up tomorrow (!!!) and I'm terribly excited.

My Personal Essay professor said that my writing had a "self-effacing and therefore likable narrator." Apparently I make fun of myself in my essays? Awesome.

I turned twenty. (Wow.)

And November started. Which means National Novel Writing Month started.

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is a worldwide internet phenomenon in which just about everybody tries to churn out a 50,000 word novel in a month. It turns novel-writing into a game - if you make it to 50,000 words, you win.

Apparently this year NaNo has been the topic of some controversy (see what you miss when you're buried in work? Jeepers, Caitlin). People (and by people I mean The Internet) seem to be debating the merit of forcing out 50,000 words in a rather insanely short period of time.

For me, NaNo has always been one of those "maybe I should do this" things. This is another year I'm letting it pass me by, for a couple of reasons. One is the horrifically lame "I don't have time" excuse. I know I shouldn't let the fact that this semester is kicking my sorry rear end get in the way of my writing. But when I'm this sleep deprived I can't think about writing. Which leads to my next problem - I haven't really got anything TO write just at the moment. ABtW is hopelessly stuck (I'd say that it's going nowhere fast, but the truth is that it's going nowhere incredibly slowly) and I've decided to put off solving that book's myriad problems till winter break, when I don't have papers and Italian grammar and dress rehearsals to worry about as well.

So after this week I'm going to have to sort through and come up with some kind of plot for something.

I wonder what that will be?

Are any of you doing NaNo? What are your stories about? If you aren't doing NaNo, why not?


  1. Hello there! I found your blog via Tahereh's. I'm not participating in NaNo for one of the same reasons - I have no time to focus on a novel when I have two major essays, two creative writing pieces, one creative writing assignment, and a final portfolio due in the next month. It's just impossible!

    Also, I really love your novel synopses. They sound very cool indeed.

  2. hiya! THANKS FOR THe update! I'm also buried in work :(

  3. Nope. Not doing NaNo. Why? Me NoKnow :-)

    Just have other things to focus on right now. This is the last year my kids aren't in full day school (they only go 2.5 hours a day) and I'm really trying to enjoy and embrace this time I have with them. It's more important to me than pumping out 50K rushed words. Next year, who knows. Maybe I'll give it a go. I think it's a cool idea, but just really learned about it this year. I wish everyone doing it the best of luck!