Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 - Two Heads are Better than One

Happy New Year, everyone! Another year, another blog layout. I've been blogging for almost a year now, can you believe it?

My New Year's was fairly uneventful, although on Friday, Ella (see link in the sidebar) came over and what a plotting session we had!

Plotting with Ella is great. I've done it on a smaller scale before - if I'm really stuck on something, I'll call her and moan about it until I've worked it out. She has this amazing talent to take my jumble of thoughts, which I can't really see clearly all the time, and making sense of them. (This is, I believe, because during the past ten years we have secretly learned to read each other's minds.)

But I've never done this with a whole plot before. Up until Friday, our collaborative graphic novel, Preposterous Things, had a couple of characters and a vague premise, but never anything more. And then on Friday, we sat down, I showed her the Three Act Structure and the idea of Goal, Motivation, Conflict and zoom! We were off. A couple hours later (hours that, of course, involved looking up random Doctor Who references), we had a fully fledged plot, the summary of which can now be found in my blog sidebar under "The Novels."

Plotting with another person is a wonderful thing. I cannot tell you how much time I've spent trying to plot out the werewolf novel (which still needs a new title), but it's a lot longer than a couple of hours. Friday was really a fabulous example of how great it is to be able to bounce ideas off of someone else. Next time you guys are stuck, I recommend talking to a crit partner or a friend. Maybe they'll be able to point out something that you're missing.


  1. Nothing is complete without Doctor Who references.

  2. I'm so glad having a co-pilot is working out for you! Also helps you're connected telepathically, I guess... :)

  3. Other Caitlin - yes, bouncing ideas off people generally works really well for me, always has, and Ella's especially good at it. One of many reasons that this collaboration project is going to be so awesome. :)