Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Work in Progress!!!

I have started something new, blogsphere! Something I am very excited about. Something that looks sort of like this:

Yes! It is my first epic fantasy wip in about five years, and it is called HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

Here's a really rough little blurb I worked up for you guys:

The castle has a real name, of course, but its inhabitants refer to it only as The Beginning. It is a convent school for noble girls, who are separated from the rest of society and educated there while they wait for their knight in shining armor to literally rescue them and whisk them off into their very own fairytale ending.

But Lady Caroline has had more than enough sitting around. With only one year left before it’s assumed no one will ever rescue her and she will have to stay forever in The Beginning, teaching future nobles how to curtsey, she comes up with a plan. She disguises herself as a boy and rescues her best friend, Elisamarie, and the two of them set out to fix up a fairytale of their own design.

But the world outside The Beginning isn’t as accommodating as the girls had thought. When Elisamarie is captured, Caroline has to try and rescue her again – for real this time.

What do you guys think? Rescuing Elisamarie is only part of the plot - I need to work a bit on weaving this whole thing together. But this is the basic idea so far. I'm really excited to get working on it!

(Also, thanks to my lovely friend Ella for making the picture of the map blog-able. Computer savvy, I am not. :P)


  1. I am putting my name down to beta XDD

  2. AWE. SOME. Also, I wish I could draw maps like those!!

  3. Marilyn: Haha, thanks!

    Sarah: I'm really not much of an artist, but lollipop trees I can do! (it took HOURS. HOURS I TELL YOU. My hand was not happy with me. :P) I think it's proof that I've stared at the map of Middle Earth faaaaaaaaaaaar too long.