Friday, May 18, 2012

Some Lists on Leaving

So. I'm going home tomorrow.

Things I Am Looking Forward To:
1.     Seeing my family
2.    Seeing my friends
3.      CAT
4.      Sleeping in my own bed
5.      Having that bed be in my own room (so sick of hostels…)
6.      My summer internship at a literary agency in NYC
7.      My summer sewing project
8.      My summer reading list (SO MANY BOOKS, GUYS)
9.      Normal ketchup
10.  Knowing which side of the street I’m supposed to walk on
11.  My dad’s cooking
12.  Having my athletically inclined friend teach me to run (eep)
13.  My iTunes library

Things I Definitely Will Not Miss
1.      The “stupid American” look
2.      This: 
3.      “Due to planned engineering works, there is no service on [whatever line it was you actually needed]”
4.      London traffic. Which way am I supposed to look? Why do I never have the right of way?!
5.      Airplanes
6.      Hostels (not that the hostels I’ve stayed in have been bad – I just miss personal space!)
7.      Mushy peas
8.      The exchange rate

Things I Will Miss More Than I Care to Admit:
1.      The London Centre
2.      My professors and the staff at the ICLC
3.      My flat in Earl’s Court
4.      Having my walk to class every day look like this: 
5.      The row houses in Kensington
6.      Cadbury chocolate
7.      Pub food
8.      The Tyburn
9.      Eating dinner in a pub older than my country (the Cheshire Cheese is made of win)
10.  Being within visiting distance of my awesome English beta reader
11.  The Tube
12.  The District and Piccadilly Lines
13.  Hyde Park
14.  Free museums!!
15.  The Wallace Collection
16.  The Victoria and Albert Museum
17.  Having people think that I’m French (I think I’m flattered? Mostly I just find it hilarious)
18.  So. Much. History.
19.  My internship here
20.  The maps at the Barclay bike stations
21.  British accents (and the zillion other languages one hears in London)
22.  Cheap live theatre
23.  The South Bank walk along the Thames
24.  Ceilidhs 
25.  Adventure Time with Caitlin and Lisa (and also all my other ICLC friends)

I'm sure that there is a lot more I can add to that last list especially, but you get the gist. See you back in America, blog! 


  1. As a British person living just on the edge of London your list of things you'll miss has made me smile. Especially about eating in a pub older than your country. When i've visited America i am always struck by the newness of everything (^.^) x x

    1. It's all astoundingly new, really! The extreme history nerd in me really misses walking down the street and feeling so much a part of a historical narrative. *sigh*

      Thanks for reading! :)