Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Teaser Tuesday: Being Watched

Hello, all! It's been such a long time since my last teaser, and this one's pretty short; I'm only just getting back into the swing of writing. Bad Caitlin.

Just before this bit, Maire was being her usual lovely self, certainly endearing herself to all her new coworkers. Silly girl. She's starting to learn, though, I think.

Now, I am back to work on this! It's going somewhere - not exactly sure where half the time, but somewhere!



“Now. If you’ve a mind to be civil, I’ll give you your task for the day.”

Maire nodded and got to her feet, glancing back at the other two girls as she followed Agnes out of the room. Neither of them were looking at her. Oh, but this was certainly a grand start to it all.

“Familiar with farm-work at all, or just fish?” Agnes asked as they walked back out of the house and towards the fields.

“Yes,” Maire answered. “Potatoes.”


They fell silent again. Maire felt that her answer, while certainly not excusing her rudeness, perhaps explained it a bit. It certainly explained her filthy, tattered, skeleton-like figure, and her sudden appearance on that farm. She hoped it explained her association with the Secrets Man.

Maire turned suddenly, stumbling over her own feet, to look at the ridge at the top of the farm. There was no one there, especially not an unfathomable stranger or his demon horse, but she could not shake the feeling that that man, with that smile of his sliding across his face, was watching her.

Agnes had gotten several yards ahead then, so Maire shook her head and hurried along after her, trying to remind herself not to think or talk back or cause trouble. Just follow. Just do. 

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