Friday, September 13, 2013

Adulting 101: Bookshelf Tour!

So I know I promised apartment photos, and I will deliver said photos when I have actually cleaned my room. (Some things never change.)

But let's be real, here. We all know what the important part is. We all know that my Friday night was just made by my newly reorganized book collection. And I thought I'd show it to you!

This is the pile of books that lives on my desk, because it is my pile of Favorite Books Ever in the World. Also featured: my red quill editing pen, a candle that smells like tea, and an "Out, Damned Spot!" eraser from the Globe theatre.

My wine box bookshelves beside my desk. Featuring classics on the top and classic fantasy on the bottom. And also the beribboned bludgeoning stick they gave me at graduation for being a smart person. Go figure.

YA fantasy and historical, and my shelf of adult fiction. There are some friends featured here!! Namely, Stefan Bachman's PECULIAR, Leigh Ann Kopans' ONE, Marie-Helene Bertino's SAFE AS HOUSES, and Eleanor Henderson's TEN THOUSAND SAINTS. Also, pictures of London and Paris, an empty Jelly Babies jar from the Imperial War Museum, a temari ball my mom made me, and my Venetian mask. Also my boots.

And last but not least, my shelf of nonfiction and YA contemporary fiction, the latter of which also features my friend Kody Keplinger's first two books! Also included: waaaaaaaaaay too many books on the French Revolution and some more pictures of friends.

So there you have it. My lovely collection of books! My room feels so much more like MY room now that they're all set up and organized.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to round out this incredibly nerdy Friday night with some Michael Buble and some postcard poster organizing.

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