Friday, April 2, 2010

The Writer's Guide to Sunshine

On Wednesday, in the grand place that is Ithaca, it was 30 degrees and raining.

Then, on Thursday (April Fool's Day, ironically) it was 75 and gloriously sunny.

Today, it was 83.


Since most of the writers I know are of the solitary, hermit-ing type, I suggest the following ten items for when the weather is too gorgeous to ignore.

1. Even if you have work later that day, sandals/flip flops are preferable to socks and Converse.

2. College students: leave your dorm a little early before class/work so you can walk slowly and bask in the sun on the way.

3. Also, persuade your TA's/professors to let you have class outside. SO much more fun.

4. There is a purpose to homework. That purpose is to give you an excuse to lounge about on a bath towel outside. (You can always nap in the sun once your work's done.)

5. Three days of 70- and 80-degree weather does not mean that the grass is not muddy.

6. People-watch. I've discovered that the Ithaca quad, which is usually somewhat deserted and/or covered in snow, comes alive and is suddenly filled with people (rather like what a college quad is supposed to look like, methinks?).

This particular piece of advice is especially applicable when there is a group of people playing Quidditch on the quad.

7. Write after the sun goes down. (C'mon, admit it, that's when you write best anyway.)

8. Those of you who are not as anachronistic as I am and do not wear watches (yes, I am fully aware that I am among a dwindling minority here) are ahead of me on this one. I've been outside for approximately 3 hours in the past two days (plus walking places) and I already have a watch tan!

9. Persuade your friends to picnic with you. I want a picnic at some point this weekend...

10. And please, for God's sake, get thee to the sunscreen! After all, our vampire-esque skin color is better suited for sitting in front of a faintly glowing computer screen, not in brilliant sunshine. Don't get skin cancer and die because then I would miss you.


  1. Quidditch? That's so awesome!

  2. NO.



    also: i <3 you.


  3. Deltay - yes, Quidditch. And yes, it was awesome. :)

    Tahereh - Converse are indeed awesome. And I <3 you too. :)