Thursday, April 7, 2011

Anyone know how to Apparate? - Writing Spaces

So way back in July I did a post about my writing space at home, but I haven't ever talked about my writing space at school. This post won't contain anything about my corner of my dorm room, but more about my writing program in general.

I think the reason I decided to babble about this is that today in lovely Ithaca it was 50 degrees and sunny, which means that I walked over to Smiddy Hall, the writing building, outside for the first time since, oh... October? Which was nice.

The good thing about the weather in Ithaca being so, well, awful a good portion of the time is that they know how to deal with it. There is an underground hallway that connects an awful lot of the buildings on campus, and, at least horizontally speaking, that means that you can get from one end of campus to the other without having to trudge through too much snow. Which is fantastic. Especially if you're a writing major and have to go to Smiddy all the time.

Smiddy is on the exact opposite end of campus from my dorm. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't mind the walk - I like walking, it's nice. It just takes a long time, and when you remember that you need to print out your poems for class as you're walking out the door ten minutes before class starts, well, that's cause for mini-panic-attack in Caitlin-land.

I have three theories as to why this situation has occurred.

1. I live in the substance-free dorm, so naturally, the writing department must adhere to the stereotype that all writers are alcoholics and druggies and therefore not living in the substance-free dorm on the other end of campus.

2. They put the writing building there because the department wanted to encourage writers to actually leave their caves - I mean dorms - and at least get some fresh air or some form of social interaction on their walk to class every day.

3. The writing department is in the old business building, since the business students have a shiny new building but the writing students do not have rich alumni to sponsor the creation of such shiny (and centrally located) buildings.

Bet you can guess which one's right, huh?

So until I learn to Apparate (seriously gotta work on that one - sooo many stairs in Ithaca), I shall be walking all that long way over to Smiddy... and pondering absurd things like this as I do so.

Have a lovely weekend, blogosphere!

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  1. I've never heard of a school with underground hallways connecting the buildings, that's awesome.