Friday, July 2, 2010

Writing Space!

So, the ever-lovely Tahereh pointed out that The Rejectionist did a post today on writing spaces, and has asked to see where everyone is hard at work writing the next great American novel. And I thought, that's fun, I should do that!

So, here follows a great deal of LARGE photos, because I fail at resizing things. Apologies.

I write in my bedroom (when I go back to school I'll have to do another one of these), which is really quite small but lovely and cozy. I do need to repaint it and get rid of the border we put up when I was 13.

Because writing, as everyone knows, is fueled by caffeine. Mine happens to be tea. This is the mug I drink most of that tea from. It is sitting atop the printout of Letters to Oliver.

My bulletin board, which sits behind my computer and contains reminderly post-it-notes (what would I do without post-it-notes?) and a mini calendar of Paris.

My wonderful laptop. It is named Deep Thought. And has the TARDIS console screen as its desktop.

The bookshelf my Dad and I built to go on top of my bed in the place where the top bunk used to be.

And, of course, your friendly neighborhood writing assistant, a cat. His name is Sandy. This is a two cat family; however, the other cat declined to be photographed.

And that is the place in which I write. And also sleep, and read, and lounge about with friends, and such.

Speaking of writing, I should go do some.


  1. Great use of the top bunk. I had the desk under mine but no place for my books.

    Also you win major geek love points for the TARDIS console desktop.

  2. THAT CUP.


  3. Awww Sandy's adorable. =D Also, your desktop background is made of win.

  4. cute mug :) and your chair looks so comfy.


  5. Love the quote on the mug. (I chuckled when I read to the end.) And you have named your computer Deep Thought. Brilliant. Sweet kitty, nice shelves, great space!

  6. Do you ever find yourself attaching post-it notes to your other post-it notes? Or is that just me?

  7. A) I love that bookshelf. Unfortunately, only about a year after we built it it's almost full.

    B) That mug is made of win.

    C) My desktop makes me grin every time I see it.

    D) Sandy is the most adorable cat in the world ever.

    E) Yes. Post-it notes on other post-it notes is incredibly helpful.


  8. Nice space. Love the mug . . and the cat.:D