Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cool Stuff on the Internet v. 2

Allow me to sneak away from my Italian presentation (ugh I hate presentations) for a few minutes and show you some cool stuff. This would be easier if the sound on my computer hadn't decided to stop working completely this morning and I could use YouTube. Such is life.

Instead, have some stuff from tumblr! Which I have discovered is wonderfully good if one needs to procrastinate.

Like this:

From fyhmhb. (Uh... warning for language... Oh tumblr, why must you be so hilarious and yet so vulgar? Tsk.)

Also this:

Gifs are so much fun. They make me want to smile and stare at them for hours. Don't you think?

Yeah... okay... no. Not a good plan.

Buongiorno! Spero che abbia un buon viaggo nel autobus. Questo e la mia citta


  1. Ah, tumblr, my old procrastination buddy. So many hours wasted, so many things to drool over. Mostly bookshelf designs and pictures of James Franco, but whatever.

    That Beauty and the Beast one made me snort out my Coke (the drink, not the...well, that could've sounded awkward otherwise). Good work you! :D

  2. FYHMHB is seriously hilarious. I'd suggest you read it, but only if you have a lot of time on your hands. It's addicting. I seriously went through the whole list. And I'm only a history minor. :P

  3. YAY TUMBLR <3

    So addicting, amiright? Anyways, HI CAITLIN. I hope life and everything is going well for you :D


  4. MEG!! Hallo there! It goes pretty well for me. :) I hope life and everything is going well for you too!