Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Teaser Tuesday: "Is this a kissing book?"

Why yes. Yes it is.

Thank you guys for dealing with me while I was experiencing the flailing that was the last two weeks. I have lived!! (Well, grades come out tomorrow so we'll see. :P Nah, I think everything went pretty well.)

And so, as a thank you, here is a teaser of everybody's favorite thing. This scene has been Approved by The Roommate, so I suppose it is safe to release it on the world.





  1. Wow, beautiful descriptions! Very nicely done :)

  2. As usual, I think your description and setting and writing in general is really good. And I'm especially interested in how you're handling romance because soon I'll be trying to do that myself in my WIP and I'm afraid of stumblebumbling all over my own words.

  3. Deltay: Thank you!

    Andrew: Thanks, I'm glad you like it! Haha, and you might not want to study my methods of dealing with romance... mostly it's a lot of cobbling stuff together from other books and movies and shoving it at my roommate going "here, you have a boyfriend, tell me how terrible this is." :P

  4. Whoa! See, THIS is why I'm Team Avar. Sigh. I'm so jealous of your kissing description skillz. Whenever I write it, the scene sounds like I'm describing how to unblock a toilet - I won't go into details, but there's a lot of sucking and slurping (ok, not really).

    AMAZING. As you were.

  5. Other Caitlin: Really? Wow, I'm glad you liked it! *is making this stuff up as she goes along*