Tuesday, August 9, 2011

WIP Madness

So right now I am approximately three thousand words into a new project. And I'll be honest with you: it's kind of terrifying.

I worked on the werewolf novel (now called A Terror of Darkness, what do you think?) for almost five years. I wrote Letters to Oliver in that time as well, but that was sort of an accident.

And now I feel like I've completely forgotten how to do this. A new world? A new set of characters? A new plot? What is this???

I have a feeling that this sense of being lost in a new work-in-progress isn't uncommon. After all, we do put so much of our lives into our writing that it's jarring to stop one project and begin another. It's like learning to walk all over again.

Add to that the fact that with a new project comes all of those mixed feelings. Part of me is jumping up and down (not literally) to be writing anything at all, and the other part is worried if this project is something that might ultimately turn out to be a huge waste of time. It takes place in a historical setting... sort of, and that's making me very nervous.

Basically, it's a historical in the same way that THE LIES OF LOCKE LAMORA is. That's set in a fantasy world that is very clearly modeled on Venice, I'd say roundabouts the Renaissance. It's modeled on Venice, but it isn't Venice. My city is basically Regency London... except not. The twisted history thing is making me quite nervous. I have no idea if it's a clever idea or a really stupid idea.

Which is why I won't be posting teasers from it for a while, until I can decide whether or not to trust it. Right now I am working on this for me. And I think that's important - I think while it's really nice to share wips and get feedback on them to fuel ideas while writing, at the same time I think this needs to be kept a bit secret. I need to write for myself, because after all I do this for fun, I do this because I love it.

And so I'm going to carry on this experiment in secret for a little while longer before I decide if this is a project I can love as much as the werewolf novel.

How about you guys? How do you feel when you start a new wip? Elated? Confused? Let me know what you think. :)

Also, anyone reading this from London: please stay safe. <3


  1. I go through a honeymoon period with my new WIPs. I'm excited to be starting and in love with my new characters.

    With really great ideas, I get really nervous that I'm not going to do the story justice before I start. Once I do finally find the guts to start, the typical honeymoon period begins.

  2. I think that every time we start a new WIP, we freak. It's human nature. Here you had a relationship for five years with characters that you know so well, it's kind of difficult to imagine new characters in your life. It's just like in real life when you have a great set of friends, and all of a sudden you meet new people. Sometimes you are weary, especially if you burn yourself before with friendships. ;) The best thing is to be open minded and like you are doing, enjoy it for yourself until you figure it out.

    I'm intrigued. I want to know how exactly Venice and Regency London will fit in the wip, what made you pick those over say Paris, or Moscow. I will look forward to any teasers. Happy writing!

  3. sometimes, I'm so in love with my idea that no nervousness or scaredy-cat tendencies rear their ugly heads until well into edits...other times, I go in ebbs and flows, peaks and valleys. i love my wip and then i dont and then i love it again, and then im like "this is crap. why am i wasting my time?"

    i guess it all just depends *shrugs*

  4. When I first start a new WIP I’m absolutely nervous about it. But after awhile of re-reading what I’d written, it gets a little better.

    Good luck with your writing.

  5. HR: Yeah, there is a certain freedom to starting something new, isn't there? It can be quite fun. :)

    Marilyn: Oh, Venice and London aren't combined. The Venetian city was just an example I was using. :) But hopefully I'll have things to tease by the time school starts up.

    Karla: Yep, I go through that same up and down feeling.

    Tracey: Thank you! And yes, sometimes rereading things does help.

  6. Starting something new is equal parts exhilarating and terrifying for me. I love getting new ideas and making up new characters but a blank page can be really intimidating. Best of luck with your new WIP.

  7. I'm in the same (crazy) situation - my shiny new epic fantasy WIP is driving me slowly insane, but I kind of like it. I always go by the law that if I reach 15,000 words and it's going somewhere, I will see it finished. I'm currently 29,000 words in, so I guess that means I'm sticking with it!

    Your new idea sounds amazing, but I understand why you're skeptical to keep chugging along or focus on something else - just don't push yourself! Keep calm and write the darn thing :D