Thursday, August 4, 2011

Such a Nerd

So, I'm guessing you guys know how it goes when you discover something new and exciting to watch or read or do and then you can't concentrate on much of anything else?


Awesome Firefly quotes courtesy of Joss Whedon. Awesome Firefly gifs courtesy of Morbid and Creepifying.


  1. Awesome awesome awesome. I heart Firefly so bad. This semester I'm taking a subject called The Dark Hero, and we're studying Mal and Jayne as anti-heroes. *flails* We so excited!!

  2. Seriously???? Coolest sounding class EVER. I love Mal so much. Jayne annoyed me the first time I watched Firefly but now I'm making my best friend watch it with me and I appreciate him more.

    Awesome, awesome class.

  3. <3 being obsessed with something new. Haven't seen Firefly before though. From a newb follower :)

  4. Wow a class??? This is awesome!!! Talk about the sweetest thing ever!!!!

    Your blog is fabulous!!!