Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Oh goodness. Hello then.

When blogging first became a really huge thing, I thought, I'm a writer, I should do that. And then I thought, "Caitlin, no one wants to listen to you prattle on about your life. Sit down before you hurt yourself."

This blog came about for two reasons: one, I recently joined a forum called Absolute Write as I was preparing my manuscript for the query process. I don't think I have seen a single person on that site who does NOT have a blog. Absolute Write also led me to a contest on an agent's blog; one thing he said about publicity was that it is very good for authors to have a Google-able web presence. And that makes sense.

Two, my best friend is a brilliant person. She's an illustration major, and is constantly bamboozled by my use of words instead of pictures. I was jibbering on about characterization or some such thing, and she said "gosh, I wish I could do that." And I thought that that was one thing I could blog about. I could write about writing: what works for me, what doesn't, what my writer friends and writing professors say. (With additions of pictures of things like cats and David Tennant, because you can't ever have enough of that, of course.)

Plus, once I came up with the title Tea & Biscuits, I couldn't NOT use it.

So. A little about me. I am currently a freshman creative writing major at Ithaca College. I need to meet with my advisor next semester about adding either a history minor or double major. As you can probably already tell, I am horrendously geeky. I love writing, reading, singing, dancing, and acting. Also, cats, tea, chocolate, old book smell, the sound of rain, musical theatre, my wonderfully geeky friends, and Doctor Who.

Also, I am long-winded. I apologize in advance.


  1. Whooo yay Kyrie!


    And I adore the blog name of Tea & Biscuits. Also, old book smell and sound of rain and chocolate and tea also figure high on my I LOVE list :)

    Ps it's choco :)

  2. Hiya, choco!

    ... is this how I reply to a comment? Good Lord, but I am technologically inept (another reason I haven't made up a blog till now).

    And high fives for having good taste, haha! ;P

  3. Welcome to the blog-verse :D

    (says the other newbie)

  4. Hi Kyrie!! *waves*

    I also like cats, chocolate, old book smell, the sound of rain, musical theatre (especially the tech side), and my geeky friends. =D