Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Teaser Tuesday: MORE aliens!

So, this is the end of my alien cat short story (now entitled "Beam Me Up, Toby") as it is right now. I was workshopped yesterday and while everyone seemed to like it, my professor said there was a lot I needed to expand on. I can do that, easily. I think I might YA-ify it and just expand like crazy. Woot!

In any case, since many of you were asking for the whiz-bang alien stuff from Toby, here it is. Roy has heard one crazy story too many from Jessie, and is now determined to do something about it. Toby has other plans.




  1. Ooohhh! I like that he can talk! Great teaser!

  2. hahaha! this was great! yes, please do YA-ify this...that said, i kinda miss LETTERS TO OLIVER :)

  3. oohhh he can talk.... interesting... More please :D

  4. Wow. Really interesting. I don't think I've ever heard of an alien cat. Looking forward to seeing more!

  5. Cheyanne - thanks! I felt like that was a very cat-like thing for him to do. :)

    Karla - don't worry, I'll get back to Letters to Oliver!

    Leasie - yep! There isn't really more, though...

    Amanda - thanks! I don't think I've ever heard of an alien cat either, but hey... why not?

    Well, this is the *end* of the story... glad you liked it, though!

  6. YA-ify and expand, definitely.

    The alien cat is freaking awesome and I love how smooth your writing is :D

  7. Alien cats, ftw :D

    Somehow I've missed hearing anything about this WIP. YA-ify it.

  8. This was awesome and I laughed when he talked. It reminds me of a movie that I loved as a kid: The Cat from Outer Space.

  9. Ahahaha...I LOVE the ending! This was super cute! :D

  10. LOL! Best ending ever! I hope there's more! Please tell me there's more lol! Toby is in fact the best cat ever. Go Toby!

  11. Ink - will do and thanks you! That means a lot, coming from you. :)

    Sage - it's just something I'm working on for class. Glad you liked it though.

    V.M. - Glad you laughed! Never heard of that movie but it sounds awesome!

    Hount - thanks! I think the ending's my favorite part.

    Glen - uh... unfortunately, there isn't any more. I'm glad you liked Toby, though, he's pretty cool! :)