Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Teaser Tuesday: zomgALIENS

Hehe... so how many of you guys are sitting there going "how do aliens relate to Letters to Oliver???"

They don't. My life has just been consumed by schoolwork again, so this week's teaser is the beginning of a short story for my creative writing class. One of the prompts on our list was "she suspected that _____." Since I am apparently completely insane, I filled that in with "she suspected that her cat was an alien." So it turned into this story of a woman whose cat is an alien and whose boyfriend thinks she's gone round the bend.

I kind of like this premise, actually. I might expand this for my sci fi class and then stuff it at the back of my mind for possible later use.

Can you guys please tell me if this is absolutely godawful? I'm handing this in Friday.

Also, it hasn't got a title yet. *ponders*




  1. Hi Caitlin: this is humorous. I'm not sure of the assignment, but it feels unfinished. That may be exactly what you were supposed to do since it is a prompt. I expected the cat to reappear at the end using its mad powers. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lol this is really good. haha! I can just imagine it. I'm not a fan of cats, especially when it comes to supernatural stuff, cos they freak me out. If I were your MC I'd give the cat up for adoption or something.

    And then at night, I'd wake up look out the window and see Toby staring at me from the window sill, as if he's smiling (but cat's don't smile), and those intelligent eyes saying: "You can't get rid of me, bitch."

  3. Corrinejackson: Glad you thought it was funny! The teaser is unfinished, though, it's only the first page and a half or so of the story. The whole thing's rather long, I didn't want to post all of it. But he does show up and use his mad superpowers. :)

    V.M.Pettingill: Thanks!

    Glen: Lol! I love cats. And Toby's nice, not freaky!

  4. I thought it was cute. You had me at the "Toby phone home" line. lol XD

  5. ha! I <3 this. I'm sure it's longer than just this. I want to see what the cat does to expose his alien super-powers. Does he save her from something? maybe the boyfriend is the alien-cat's arch-nemisis?

  6. I loved this whole post!! Especially this: “Have you been staying late at work again?” Roy’s voice crackled a little over the phone.

    Just because it seems that it throws your MC for a second and then shes like WAIT that's got nothing to do with this LOL. Loved it

  7. I was so hooked from the first line! So funny :)

  8. I love the line about Toby phone home! Very cute! I'll look forward to see where this goes. Good luck finishing it!

  9. Becca: Thanks! I was going to put in something about mashed-potato sculptures too... but I didn't want to get too obscure. :)

    Karla: It is indeed longer. I guess I'll need to post the end next week!

    Marilyn: Yeah, I liked that too! Thanks!

    Kaitlin: Haha, glad you think it's funny and not mental.

    Krista: Thanks! :)

  10. you are so freaking talented, caitlin.


    LOVE it.

  11. Awww, thanks, Tahereh! You rock. :)

    Thanks for all the lovely comments, everybody!