Friday, April 30, 2010

Only a week and a half to go...

Hey guys. Sorry about my lack of Teaser Tuesday-ing this week. I simply haven't had time to do any writing. Well, any writing for myself, anyway. I churned out two short stories for classes, a biology paper and various different responses to things. This week has been absolute hell and I am now exhausted.

Finally, though, it is finished. The week of too many projects and not enough time, snow in April and running around in it in a renaissance costume, extreme sleep deprivation, and fire alarms during showers is over. My cold hasn't gone away yet, though. Bluh.

Tonight, though, I'm performing in a Cabaret! I'm terribly excited. And then I get to SLEEP!

So, apologies for the lack of teasering. You might have to bear with me and wait for more till this semester's over in a week and a half and I can devote myself to finishing Letters to Oliver.

Until then, David Tennant!

1 comment:

  1. Ha! great vid...that's okay. we understand, and will be here when you finally get time to breathe...and tease!