Friday, May 14, 2010

Back from College!! / Blog Award

Freshman year: I survived it. :D

Thanks for being patient with me while I suffered through final projects and exams. I'll still be busy - I've got auditions and I have to apply for jobs everywhere I can stick my nose in the door (which involves being bold for a change. Eep) and of course the obligatory catching up with friends. But I am beyond excited to get some Butt In Chair time for Letters to Oliver - I've been home two days and already I've churned out about a thousand words. I hope to have it finished in a week or two, polished, and sent off to betas by the end of the month at the latest. :)

Also, reading. Goodness, but I have missed reading. My mom got me a book called "Jane Austen Ruined My Life" which I shall be reading at my sister's dance competition this weekend. And I intend to read everything John Green has ever written. Because I hear he's amazing and I feel I've missed the boat somewhere.

Anyway, enough of that. I haven't posted before now because I was wondering what to say (I think I'm still slightly braindead after my exams). I was going to put together a list of some sort, a kind of "Caitlin's Guide to Surviving Freshman Year," and I think I still might do that... next week. When I can think straight.

And then I had the problem solved for me by the lovely Karla Calalang, who gave me a blog award!

So, apparently I'm supposed to put up a few things that make me happy.

1. Being Home - I am SO relieved to be home, it's absurd. I mean, I LOVE Ithaca, it's a wonderful place and most of my classes are great and I've made so many wonderful friends (some of whom live entirely too far away during the summer months). But home has my wonderful family and good food and cats and more wonderful friends. So I'm glad to be home. :)

2. Writing! - does this need an explanation?

3. Old Stuff - there's a reason I write historicals. I love everything old fashioned - it's just so pretty! And yes, I am fully aware that there were some pretty awful problems going on in, say, the Victorian era. But isn't that true now, too?

4. Music - whether it's listening to music, performing in musicals, or just singing (either loudly with my roommates or actually properly for my voice lessons and things) music is a huge part of who I am. Sometimes, especially recently, it's gotten shunted under the rug for various reasons and I always feel bad. There's nothing like singing to cheer me up, after all.

5. My friends - The Usual Suspects at home. All my myriad groupings of friends at school. My awesome roommates. I love them all dearly, even if they do tease the heck out of me (hey, what can I say, it's easy to do).

In any case, I'll stop rambling on about my life and tag some awesome people!

Becca! - Because she is such a sweet person.

HR! - Because she is awesome and I have recently converted her to the wondrousness that is Doctor Who.

Choco! - Because, again, she's a sweetheart and likes Letters to Oliver. :)

Ink! - Because she's a great person and her writing is amazing.

Okay. Tada!

Happy weekend, all. :)


  1. Thanks for the blog award! *hugs*

    And--have you ever watched North& South? I just stared watching it and it's addicting and I think you'd like it :D

  2. Thanks Kyrie!! :) *hugs* And thanks for introducing me to Doctor Who too =D

  3. SQUEE!! Aww. Thank you!! <33

    And now I have an excuse to blog! Whoot! :D

  4. YAY! Thanks Kyrie! *hugs* *hugs again*

    ALSO, totally agreeing with choco on the North & South thing :D

  5. Choco: you're most welcome! And no, I haven't - is it on YouTube?

    HR: Welcomes! And Doctor Who must be shared, of course. :D

    Becca: *grin* Yay for excuses to blog!

    Vee: *hugs back*