Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Teaser Tuesday: Backbones!

Hello, all! I'm back to teasering, huzzah! Now that I'm back from college, I feel I ought to blog a bit more, but I've no idea what to say. Any ideas for more blitherings from me you'd like to see?

In any case, in this snip, Emily's decided to actually do something! Oliver has come up to London with the intention of rescuing his damsel in distress - and got himself turned into a big white rabbit. So now it's Emily who's got to do the rescuing, and now that she's set her mind to it, she'll stop at nothing to get him back.




  1. I love the voice in this :) And the wonderfully strange problem of having to find a lost guy-turned-rabbit... Oh dear!

  2. Great tease! I also love the voice, it flows very well. A rabit!? How will she find him? And hopefully he recognises her when she does.

  3. I agree with Elle and Cheyanne. The voice in this is awesome. I love how she wants to be able to move among the people and see the world. She seems very independent and free thinking...my kind of gal!
    Plus, I love the whimsy of Oliver being on the loose as a rabbit! LOL

  4. how did oliver get himself turned into a rabbit? love this snip! great tease!! :)

  5. I also love the voice! :)

  6. The voice....... ahh i love you and hate you for it. (hate only because im SO FRICKEN JEALOUS). So distinct. awesomeeeee

  7. Ellen: Thanks! Yeah, I figured that having the love interest turned into a rabbit and go missing would certainly be a unique problem. :)

    Cheyanne: Don't worry, he recognizes her.

    Krista: Actually, she's not very independent. This is her rebelling for the first time in her life, ever. Yay for growing spines!

    Karla: Through nefarious means which have yet to be revealed. ;)

    Bri: Thanks!

    BC: Haha, thanks. Trust me: watch as many British costume dramas as I do and the voice comes. ;)

    Thanks for the comments, everyone!