Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Teaser Tuesday: As One Door Closes...

... a gryphon tries to eat you.

After Rose and Avar's (still referred to here as "the werewolf") initial meeting, Rose discovers why he was in her alleyway and stealing her laundry - he's trying to get away from the determined gryphon who wants to eat him. And then, when she appears, the gryphon decides she would make a nice dessert.

Also, to anyone who might know more about the layout of Paris in 1789 than I do, firstly I apologize if there is not a gate or a wall in this particular location; the map I have seems to suggest that there is. And secondly, TELL ME EVERYTHING YOU KNOW.




  1. Wow. The action and tension in this is incredible, Caitlin! "Rose cared that the smudge of orange sun was flickering into darkness in the distance, and that the great gate was slamming shut behind her." - I love this line so much. The use of the word smudge is perfect - it's fleeting. Your writing makes it so I really feel for Rose! Awesome teaser :)

  2. ooh, a Gryphon. I like those! Great pacing!

  3. you are an incredible writer. sigh.

  4. whoa! i was literally leaning forward in my seat and holding my breath! more please

  5. I love the concept of this. Nice job combining a historical setting with an utterly fantastic premise!

  6. Awesome! :D But def look into that wall thing. But awesome, as usual.

  7. More please! The tension is amazing! Also, love that you used a gryphon. You don't see much of them these days. At least I don't. =D


  8. Can I just say that I not only love werewolves, but I love gryphons as well. :D Love this (because I really, really, really love action scenes).

    P.S. - Thanks for the kind words on my blog. <33

  9. Yaaaay, comments! :D

    Emilia: Thanks so much! I thought smudge would work particularly well there. :)

    Bethany: Gryphons are fun!

    Tahereh: *hugs*

    Karla: Haha, thank you!

    Phoebe: Thanks! Historical + magic = win in my book. :)

    Erin: Oh, believe me. I have looked into it. A lot.

    HR: Thanks! *goes to write more*

    Becca: Thank you! And you're welcome!

  10. There aren't enough gryphon stories, that's for sure

  11. Uh oh, I smell disaster!! Werewolves + YA + gryphons + Paris = amazazazazing novel that I'm super eager to read! Great tease :)

  12. Tension tension tension!!! So much tension. And action. And awesomeness! :D

  13. Lots of tension in this! It definitely kept my interest, and I want to read more :)

  14. One of my favorite teases. I can't wait to hear more. Is she a witch? She's carrying a broom followed by a werewolf and gryphon, it would be fitting;)

  15. Sage: Thanks! Not sure how long the gryphon will stick around though...

    Caitlin: Thank you! I think it's a pretty good combination. :)

    Glen: Glad you liked it!

    Bri: There shall indeed be more of this!

    RAD: Thank you! No, she's not a witch - she just happened to pick up a nearby broom to use as a weapon against what she thought was a thief and was really a werewolf.