Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Teaser Tuesday: Awkward Introductions

Well, it's technically Tuesday, right? *grins* I'm going to post this now rather than in the morning because I don't think I'll have time later. I promise I'll read everyone's, though!

Also, sorry for the doom-and-gloom post on Saturday, but thanks for the cheery comments! The you-suck soundtrack was blaring rather loudly in my head, but it was combated with a healthy dose of determination, brand-new orange-flowered Wellingtons, and charlieissocoollike. :)

In any case, Rose and her werewolf shadow have been chased out of Paris by a gryphon, which seems to have finally gotten tired of looking for them. That's when Rose starts asking questions.

I sincerely hope the dialogue is right this time around. *bites fingers*





  1. Avar is so snappy! Lol, I find myself simultaneously annoyed and intrigued by him!

    Rose's fear comes across really well through her dialogue as well.

    I just loved their interaction!

  2. Haha I agree with Amna about being annoyed and intrigued! I want more teasers from this with the two together! :D

  3. I love the name Avar Sevagian. It's dark and mysterious, and I like is snappish comments :)

  4. I also like how brash he is with her. I wonder if he's in wolf form as they talk, since she calls him "the wolf" all the time.

  5. Great interaction. Very nicely done.

  6. Amna: Thanks! Avar is so snarky, he's great fun to write. Except when he has to be serious for a change.

    Karla: Thanks! I hope he wasn't too snarky - I had some comments about their meeting the first time around that he was downright mean and that's not what he's like at all.

    Karla 2: Thank you! I think it's a great name as well. It's Armenian. Thank you, internet!

    Sage: No, he's in human form. Rose just thinks of him (right now) as a wolf and not as a person, so...

    Phoebe: Thank you!

  7. Man, I love this wolf: "Yes. My name is Avar Sevagian, and you are named after a plant. Now that that is settled, I suggest you go to sleep, Rose. There is still a great deal of night ahead." My favourite character in your WIP so far :D

  8. I always love teasers from this, and this is no exception. Great work!