Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Teaser Tuesday: Mindgames

This teaser comes with a message beforehand. Last night, I had planned on writing some more of the next chapter, which would be what I put into this teaser. That will have to wait till next week, however, as I was badgering everyone I could think of to vote for the Harry Potter Alliance to win a contest which gives the winning charity $250,000. HPA is a really worthwhile cause and, as of last night and because of everyone's help, we were unofficially winning by more than 3,000 votes. We won't know the official results till sometime today, but I'll let everyone know. I just wanted to say to everyone on Absolute Write and Facebook that I begged and pleaded to vote yesterday, I really appreciate it and I thank you for never forgetting to be awesome.

And so, without further ado, teaser! To clarify: Avar was hurt by the gryphon that chased them both out of Paris.




  1. Nice dialogue! I like the tension here too, especially at the end. Interesting snippet :)

  2. Interesting dynamic here. Reading it I was thinking to myself, this doesn't sound like it's in modern day - then I saw your little one liner on the side. My point? You do a really great job with your time and setting even in this little snippet. Keep up the good work!

  3. You always have a great command of voice and setting. I always feel captured right in the time and moment you're writing in :]

  4. I completely agree with the comment above about the tone of the snippet conveying the time and setting of the piece. That's really hard to do. I love the historical + paranormal angle of this; I think it makes it a lot more interesting than the average werewolf story. I also loved this line:

    “You think I am conniving merely because I am human?”

    It's really thought-provoking and cool. I loved how in this conversation, there were bigger undertones about the assumptions people make about those who are different than they are, whether those differences are cultural or racial or whatever. Great job!! :)

    (P.S. This is Tinkerbell from AW... you told me to blog, and I did! haha)

  5. Great teaser! I really really liked this, particularly the historical angle.

  6. These guys are really sweet, in a "holy Crap he's a werewolf will he eat me?" kinda way ;)

    Great tease!

  7. Ellen, Angie, and Lia - The time period is clear this time around? Oh, you have no idea how glad I am to hear that. It's why I'm rewriting it - the first few drafts were awful in terms of historical-sounding-ness.

    Juli - yep! One thing I definitely want to get across is that judging people instantly is something we all do, but something that isn't a good idea. Unfortunately, this book seems to be made of lots of simple ideas that decided to get ginormous on me.

    Bethany - thanks!

    Caitlin - Also in a "holy snap she's a human will she shoot me?" kinda way. They are such fun. ^_^

  8. I love the playful banter that the MC's were having. It was playful on one hand, but they were both sort of guarded, trying to figure the other out. I really liked it.

    One observation though: "'Really. Nothing whatever? I find that hard to believe.'"

    I think you mean "whatsoever".

    But other than that, A+ teaser! I want more!


  9. The historical elements and time period are definitely clear through the tone of the dialogue, which is fantabulous as always. And I just love the voice :)

  10. I can only agree about the historical elements! More specifically, it had an 18th-century feel to me. Which, looking at the description now, is pretty good. (I am such a history geek)Well done!

  11. I really, really love A Bridge to War! The dialogue is so fun and overall this piece is well-written! Awesome tease!

  12. Noelle: Thank you! Although, actually, I did mean "nothing whatever." It's a historical phrase that I am rather fond of. :)

    Vee: Hurrah! I'm so glad the dialogue is better this time around.

    Marieke: Seriously? It feels 18th century? Fantastic! I'm a history geek as well (high five!) but I'm much more at home in the 19th century, so I'm really glad this seems to be working!

    Karla: Thank you! :)

  13. Love the dialogue and the dynamic between the characters. Great tease, as always!