Monday, December 20, 2010

Let's go back to English, shall we?

'Ello, blogosphere! How are you all today? Are there full requests filling your inboxes? I do hope so!

I'm home now (as hinted in my spazzy Italian post) and am trying to kick myself back into writing mode, even though really, all I want to do is sleep. I like sleep. One does not get enough sleep when one is a college student. Sometimes this is for good reasons - for instance, my roommate is made of awesome and we will frequently have epic late night (and by late night I mean three o'clock in the morning) conversations that go from deep and meaningful to ridiculous in the space of one sentence. But mostly this sleeplessness is for not-good reasons, such as staying up till the aforementioned three o'clock hour working on papers and still having to get up at 8 for class the next day.

Still, I am countering that desire to sleep 24/7. For one thing, tomorrow morning (yes! Morning!) I shall be on a bus to NYC to visit my dearest friend ever and to search for sheet music in Lincoln Center!

And for another I am, like I said, trying to get back on track writing-wise. My "write at least 100 words per day" goal was admirable and very, very short lived. Never take on such a goal three weeks before the end of the semester. It simply won't work.

I've gotten so used to churning out things for classes that it's taking me a little while to recuperate. But I'm determined to do two things over break:

1. Write as much of Preposterous Things, my graphic novel project with Ella, as possible.
2. Fix the mess that is my werewolf novel.

So far, attempts to deal with that mess have looked like this:

1. IDEA!
2. :D
3. *frantically plot idea in a very detailed fashion*
4. *come across fundamental problem with this idea*
5. *come across seven more, similarly fundamental problems*
6. *discard idea*
7. :(
8. IDEA!
9. :D
10 *restart from step three*

So we'll see how that goes.

On the plus side, when I have something to edit, my made-of-awesome roommate gave me a pretty fabulous Christmas present:

Yes, that IS a red-ink quill pen. Yes, you SHOULD be jealous. Yes, I DO make stupid faces when taking pictures of myself.

Right. Well, I should toss myself back into the loop of ideas (right now I'm on step seven) and get cracking.

What are your writing plans for the winter holidays, if you have any?


  1. I'm sure you'll figure out the werewolf thing sometime, my friend :D

    My writing plans for the winter holidays? Revise Breathtaken. Come out of break with a complete second draft.

  2. Lol sounds like my process for dealing with my writing messes. :D Good luck!!

    I'm determined to go back to school with Burning Bridges ready to go out to betas. I'd really like to have it query-ready, but I don't think that's going to happen. :)

  3. funny. i've just found the same sort of resolve for getting back into sketchbooking, a habit i totally dropped because of class work.
    i'm going to school for these skills but it's destroying my abilities.

    also, hurrah for adventures and novels!

  4. Nice pen! I'm intending to write during my ridiculously-long holiday, if I ever stop reading long enough.

  5. Arianna: You can do it!

    HR: Yaaay!

    Ella: Goodness, I know the feeling. But I shall make you get back into sketchbooking! :D

    Su: Thanks! Reading's good too. I need to do that as well. :)

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