Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Teaser Tuesday: Paying Attention

So the whole "write at least 100 words a day" goal? Admirable, but when one begins it two weeks before finals, it is also rather impractical. Extremely impractical, one might say. Also not happening.

Blaaaaaaaaaaaaah so many papers. *drowns*

To tide you over for now, here's something I wrote for class. Enjoy?




  1. Daydreaming is so much better! ;) *hugs* good luck with all the papers!

  2. Very nice! Try not to drown-- we want to keep reading after finals. :)

  3. Such a nice daydream about the writing process -- really related to me (esp the bit about remembering how much you enjoy writing descriptions of the sunlight through the forest leaves).

    Good luck with finals! :D

  4. Marieke: isn't it just? Thanks!

    Su: working on it. :)

    Vee: I know, right? That's probably my pitfall description - I use it SOOO MUCH.