Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Road Trip Wednesday: Literary Christmas Presents

YA Highway's Road Trip Wednesday question this week is "What would you give your favourite characters for Christmas, and why? Would you give Harry Potter contact lenses? Bella Swan a copy of He's Just Not That Into You? Or maybe a lifetime supply of cherry cola to Bianca Piper, so she always has something to throw at guys who don't behave?"

I'm quite partial to giving Bianca Piper a lifetime supply of Cherry Coke, I LOVED that scene. :D

I'm sitting in my bedroom at home scanning over all the book titles on my shelves and thinking about what I'd want to give the characters for Christmas. Mostly it's been going like this:

Jacob Reckless... he needs a hug... he might not appreciate it, but he needs one. Rose and the White Bear? Hugs. Both Will Graysons? Hugs. Gemma Doyle? Lots of hugs - especially if I meet her post-book-three (I'm not the only one who cried, am I?).

This coming from someone who is rather new at this whole hugging thing. Clearly a lot of people in my favorite books really really need hugs.

But I think John Green's Paper Towns provides an opportunity for actual gift-giving.

I would give Margo Roth Spiegelman a new notebook, for when she runs out of space writing over everything in the first one. (Also a hug.)

And Q? Q would get a GPS. (And a hug. Maybe several hugs. He'd probably just push me away and keep looking for Margo, but he'd get the hugs anyway.)

It seems my roommate has well and truly turned me into a hugger. :P

Merry Christmas, everybody!


  1. Hugs are hard...especially when you generally don't like people in your space, but I agree with you. I would drop my ban on hugging to give my fave YA characters much needed hugs- pretty much all of them could use a little love :)

  2. I gave away hugs to my characters too. There's lots of characters out there that make you go, 'AWWW-- you need a hug.' SO that's my gift, and they got something to unwrap too.

  3. aww, love your response! haven't read any of those books unfortunately (except twilight, of course, but i dont think ill be doling out hugs to Jake any time soon), but yeah, hugs kick ass. :)

  4. Marquita: Yeah, I used to hate hugs... I've gotten to quite like them, though. :)

    Erinn: 'Tis a good thing to give literary characters.

    Aleeza: Sounds good!

    The books I reference are, by the way, RECKLESS (Cornelia Funke), EAST (Edith Pattou), WILL GRAYSON WILL GRAYSON (John Green and David Levithan), A GREAT AND TERRIBLE BEAUTY (Libba Bray) and of course PAPER TOWNS.

    The Bianca Piper reference from YA Highway is from my friend and fellow Ithacan's book THE DUFF. :D

  5. Awwww. I'm not a huggish person either, usually, but book characters are definitely a worthy exception :-)