Thursday, February 25, 2010

Blog Awards!

It is snowing like crazy outside. Ithaca almost never cancels classes because of snow, but I am sincerely hoping they will so I can crawl back into bed and try and sleep off this blasted cold. *snuffle* There's about forty minutes till my next class, so there's still hope.

And let's see if I can do this right while my brain is clogged with cold-ness.

The fantastic Bailey Clement gave me the Creative Writer Award!

Which apparently means I have to say ten things that brighten my day. They are as follows:

1. Writing. It might be cliched at this point, but there is a reason I do it all the time. It can be infuriating, but when all is well there are few things better than churning out a few pages of good writing.

2. Tea. I live off tea. I love tea. Best beverage on the planet, hands down.

3. Chocolate is up there too.

4. Email. Especially email from my family or my high school friends. That really cheers me up no matter what.

5. Even better than email is REAL mail! It is just so exciting. One of the joys of college. :)

6. Not having any homework. Because that means I can do fun things instead!

7. Singing. It might sound silly, but if I'm feeling really miserable singing to myself really does help.

8. Really good books. I wish I had more time to read them.

9. Doctor Who. I hate TV, but I LOVE that show! I am SOOOO excited for series 5. But I miss David Tennant already. :(

10. Laundry-and-movie nights. My roommates and I are cool and we do laundry on Friday or Saturday nights and watch a movie while waiting for the washer and/or dryer. Oftentimes these movies involve Colin Firth. Which is always fun.

Right. So there's that.

Then, the also awesome Kody Keplinger gave me the Sunshine Award! (Since we're both Ithacans, we need all the extra sunshine we can get!)

The rules of which award are as follows:

1. Put the logo within your post or on your sidebar.
2. Share the love and pass the award to 12 other bloggers.
3. Link the nominees inside of your post.
4. Comment on the nominees' blogs to let them know you've just given them props. :)
5. Give a shout-out to the person who nominated, and post a link to his/her blog as well.

I shall now tag people. (And I feel bad because I don't know everybody's actual name... hehe)

1. Bailey! - because she is a really good writer and a really nice person. And because she gave me an award too.

2. Ink! - because she is also an amazing person and she is a STELLAR writer.

3. Choco! - because she is super nice and super funny and asks cool questions about East Coasters. And because I'm trying to lure her to Ithaca.

4. Karla! - she is another super nice person. She is so encouraging to all of us - here's some encouragement back!

5. Para! - because she is betaing for me. She is also the Voice of Reason on the twiftie thread. She is also awesome.

6. Dys! - because she is also betaing for me. And is therefore also awesome. :)

7. Sushi! - because she is also also betaing for me. And when she comes out of lurk mode, she has fantabulous things to say.

8. HR! - because she is a lovely person and most helpful when it comes to query letters.

9. Elu! - because she is terribly nice. She invented the "I love you because you're awesome and you blog" award. Pretty much sums up how cool she is.

10. Ely! - because she is also terribly nice and has funny Legolas avatars.

11. Amna! - because she is Amnamazing; need I say more? ;P

12. Race! - because she just got an agent and always has nice things to say and is great.

*pant pant* That was a lot of tagging. Wow.

Anyway, must run to class. Bye!


  1. Whoa! That's a large list of people, haha.

    Something tells me that I should pick up Doctor Who, lol.

  2. I love getting mail too!

    Aww thanks for the award! 12 people? Do I know that many? Lol. Thanks again =)

  3. Aww!! Thank youu! *huggles* :D

    I do believe this large list proves it. The twifties are made of awesome. ;)


    And yes, twifties are made of AWESOME.

  5. Aww, thanks Kyrie! *showers chocolate*

    Made my day, haha :)

  6. Thanks so much! This definitely made my day! xD

  7. Haha, thanks! And yes, I totally need to update my blog *goes to do so* twifties ftw! :D