Friday, February 12, 2010


Greetings, blogsphere! I have just had my day made by listening to Andrea Bocelli's Con Te Partiro in my Italian class this morning. I am such a dork, but it it such a beautiful song!

Also, Guide to Literary Agents is having a Dear Lucky Agent contest! You can win the chance to be critiqued by an awesome agent!

Also also, happy Friday! I love Fridays. Today (at least until the Olympic Opening Ceremony comes on - I hate watching sports but c'mon, it's the Olympics! And the Opening Ceremonies are always fantastic) I am going to write as much as I possibly can. Because now, about two weeks after my insane writer's block, I'm at exactly the opposite end of the stick where all I want to do is writewritewritewrite! Emily, Ginny, and Oliver have been quite talkative (in fact, I've taken down the character web for A Tangled Web I had on my wall and stuck up a family tree for Letters to Oliver instead) and the random stuff Rose and Avar have been telling me of late seems to finally be falling into place.

But, it is off to workshop more prose poems in Creative Writing (have I mentioned I hate writing poetry? Well, I do) and then work and then nothing stands between me and a writing frenzy!

Except perhaps Disney movies. My one roommate put on Aladdin last night and I was completely distracted by that for entirely too long. A note to procrastinators: no matter how fantastic your roommates are, or how much you love Aladdin, plug in some headphones and just WRITE!

Off to class. Ta!

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